Love is:

1. Snuggling and sharing your valentine candy with your sister, even though you don't always get along

2.   not about me.
3.   a choice.
4.   working for something or someone outside of yourself.
5.   getting out of a bed flooded…Read more

10 blessings of 2013

1.  We moved again.  
This is our eighth location since moving to California in 2000, so moving may not sound like a blessing, but it is.   We are ecstatic that Jim has a job he enjoys and that we get…Read more

Beautifully Imperfect

This post is about my real life. Recently my dear husband pointed out that I only post pictures of the beautiful things in my life and how that is not very realistic. He is right. I prefer to focus on…Read more

Merry and Bright

  Jameson is 4 and a half years old, and yes that half year is very important. He continues his studies in Mandarin at Yak Academy three days a week while I home-school his English portion of preschool. Jamesons… Read more

Our Funny Valentines

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time and there aren’t enough words to describe just how much we love these two and how much they love each other. Therefore, since I am short on both time and words, let’s just let… Read more

Favorite Things

Our lives have altered dramatically over the past year. From repatriating from China to the States, to the addition of our gorgeous baby girl and the adjustment of Jim’s new job as well as navigating a new city, we…Read more

The Deveys love SD

Merry Christmas and we wish you all…

HOPE for the future with grace for the past
JOY in each moment, beyond happiness
PEACE as we long for eternity’s rest
LOVE who came down as the gift of Christmas

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Gorgeous Girl

I took this photo of our gorgeous girl over 6 weeks ago, but Giselle is even cuter now!

Here is a quick update…

We have a new church that we love called the Wave and…Read more

Moooo (not boo!)

My computer is dying… my kids ate my camera… I am sleep-deprived!!!
Ok, so I really don’t have a good excuse for not blogging, other than your average, every-day busy-ness!  But, more on that topic later as everyone just…Read more

Baby G

Both children are sleeping, so I am making this post short and sweet!  Baby Giselle is three months old and has not only doubled her weight, but has quadrupled her cuteness!

I think these photos speak for themselves! 

Birthday Boy - Part II

Please pardon the nearly weeklong interruption in Jameson’s birthday post. As I was saying (or at least I think I was saying, but please pardon my intense case of “Momnesia”!)

Jameson has been asking for a Lightning McQueen cake…Read more

Birthday Boy - part I

My amazing parents drove down to help us unpack and more importantly help celebrate Jameson’s third birthday. A new bike, Lightning McQueen cake, story-time and tons of snuggles from Grandma and Grandpa were the main events over Jameson’s birthday week.…Read more